Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Looking Back With Pa - Part 4

Pa had, perhaps, some months of schooling, probably around the year 1930.  OK, he didn't remember how long he was in school either, but he learned enough to read the daily Chinese papers to keep up with the news, sign his own name and keep the farm accounts up to date with an abacus.

His classmates made up of kids of all ages, hence some were bigger and nastier than the rest and outgrown their breeches, so to speak, while Pa was small size for his age.  Thus he was prime target for some constant bullying.

One particular kid was more consistent with his torments.  He'd kept it up when all the others grew tired of their antics because, I suppose, they saw no challenge in it.  Pa bore that quietly and kept it all to himself.  He made no fuss because he knew he was no match for the brute.

But there came a time when he just couldn't take it anymore.  Fortunately it was nearing the end of school term.

On the last day of school he sharpened a pencil and kept it in his bag, unused.  As soon as the school bell went off he got close to the guy and drove the sharp point into his tormentor's thigh.  The big fellow looked surprised for a while until he realized what had happened.

He'd never in his life had anyone hit back at him.  No one dared to do that.  Until now.  He looked at the pencil stuck in his leg and the blood oozing out.  Then he howled in pain. 

And with that, school life was over for Pa.

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