Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Don't move heaven & earth for what you want

Would it be wise to move heaven and earth for what you want?  Sometimes watching a simple movie can raise that awareness.

The story was about a man going through an elaborate scheme just to please his mother.  He conspired to have a surrogate wife bear a child for him as his wife was barren.  He even had the woman live in his house under false pretenses to keep everything above board.  But, unfortunately, the whole scheme spun out of control as humans are shown to be incapable of staying consistent to promises or with strong enough character to keep their promises.  In the end the man lost his life.  The mother gained a grand-child but lost a son.

Another case of wanting something badly enough to go through hardships and sacrifices is one that a woman went through to gain a son.  Even when told by the medium that the son would be born handicapped she wanted to take the risk.  And just as promised she bore a son, but the boy was mentally retarded and became a burden to the father who was recently widowed as the mother died of cancer.

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