Sunday, March 4, 2012

About Originality

I have another good bunch of roses for the internet especially Facebook.  I never forgot what my old art teacher used to tell us about originality.  I often wondered how I fared in my search for originality and I wondered out loud in my
Artbreak page Then while browsing the FB searching for old acquaintances I found my former art teacher.  He in turn found my art page.  As the saying goes, the rest is history...
Hi Lianchye,
In Jonathan Livingstone Seagull is an interesting line: To be who you are and to go where you want.
I still think about it. I am still fascinated with the attitude.
When my daughter wanted to sing like L. Selonga in her earlier years, I said that it would be more interesting to sing like herself.
She is 32 now. Happy she tells me that she that has her own voice, her own way of working out how a song is to be interpreted. Out on the stage, she sings as the spirit moves. In her preparation, she researches and studies the best of practitioners. She imbibes and learns. Being enriched, she is empowered to be who she is and she sings freely as the music inspires.
She is herself, Michelle Quah.
I think this journey is essential for all of us. We want to be as original as our finger-prints. That's where the fun is!
What about me? I just do it!
Thanks for keeping in touch and for logins to my blog!
Sincerely, another fellow-learner,
Michael Quah


  1. Nice!!

    Michael Quah touched your life. In turn, you touched the life of others.

  2. Dear Sir,
    I'll always remember you for your 'fellow-learner' attitude!!!

  3. Thanks, Lita. The feeling is mutual. The journey is much more cheerful with great company along the way!