Sunday, January 22, 2012

He that goes a borrowing

“He that goes a borrowing goes a sorrowing.”  - Benjamin Franklin

Seems some people can't live by such a simple philosophy.  So, while everybody else is saying Keong Hee Tua Huat Chai, a neighbor also Tua Huat!!!  Tua huat phi khee!!!  (phee khee = temper (hokkien dialect).   And she's taking it out on the kids and raising a racket in the house turning the radio on full blast!!! 



Because she fell into the borrowing habit.  First, she borrowed from one.  Then she borrowed to pay the first one.  Then she borrowed more from others.  Then she added more debts to her list.  And then she added more debtors.  


It's not that she's dirt poor.  She used to have a maid too (until the maid ran away due to her abuse).

Today one of her creditors, after many visits to her house, made a final 'assault' after many ultimatums.  She had to pay up, or else...

Now, talking about borrowing reminds me about our country's foreign debt.....


Oh, forget it!!  It's the Lunar New Year tomorrow.  Let's not spoil this mood.  Let's just be happy.  Shut our minds to the bad thoughts.  Shut our ears to unhappy noises.  Open them to New Year music and songs.  Other neighbors are happily singing karaoke and some are yelling 'yaaaaammmssseeennnggg!!!'.  


Now, those are happy noises.


Lay out the table, heat up the wok and the pots, pour out the wine.  Eat up, drink up.


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