Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Geeky Rat

A geeky rat hitched a ride in my car to the shop this afternoon. Maybe he's looking for some spares to upgrade his PC home...

On the way back after installing a CPU for a customer located on the east side of town, I dropped by at another client's place to pick up two more 'stalled' PCs.

The place was rigged up like an ultra-modern office with wall-to-wall carpeting.  I had to leave my shoes outside the glass doors.  They told me those 2 units just couldn't turn on.  One of them was still under a desk in dark and lonely cubicle.  I signed off the paperwork, I picked up the CPUs and loaded them into the boot of the Myvi.

After I'd reached the shop and parked the car, I retrieved one of the CPUs and stepped up to the walk-way in front of the shop.  Before I could reach the door, a large rat jumped out of the CPU I was holding and scooted off before I could say, 'Rats!'.

He probably just wanted to go shopping at Tesco nearby and needed a free ride.  But, hey!  He went in the wrong direction! 

I stared after it for a moment.  Then I looked at the casing and noticed wet patches on the side.  I put down the thing and went back to the car.  Sure enough, there were wet spots in the boot.  He pissed in my car!!!

I was lucky I stored the PCs in the boot, not on the back seat.  And double lucky for me the Myvi's boot came with a large shallow plastic tray.  All i had to do was to pull it out and give it a good wash.

Note to self:  Next time don't just pick up a CPU and load it into the car without checking for stowaways.  They can be infested not just with viruses and worms, you can't be sure there are no rats or snakes nesting in them.  Urgh!!!


  1. A glimpse into your life! I like it. :)

  2. Glad this one got away.Any place is a good hiding place!!

  3. Keats, you have such a kind heart.
    I don't mind rats.... but not in my PC... or making a mess of my pantry...