Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Views From A Hill

On top of Bukit Semarak:

On a clear day when we look south we can see my home island in the distance.  Tikam Batu town is in the foreground.

And when we look north we can see Gunung Jerai, Sungai Petani town and the lush greenery of mangrove along the rivers...
And when we look closer, we can see wild flowers we seldom see unless we stop to look.


  1. possibly i was at this spot before when i went to see Dr Bernard.

  2. Nice views, but where is this place Bukit Semarak? How can one get there?

  3. Sorry Lrong, wasn't aware you left a question for me to answer. Bukit Semarak is just south of Sungai Petani town.