Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Look who's having a dip in my pool?

The online ad went: 'The Water's Warm - And These Deals are Hot!'

But look who's having a dip in my pool?

Wife practices recycling like it's a religion. Even collects used water from the washing machine for mopping floors.

This morning we heard something splashing around in the bucket of used water out in the porch. But when we looked, we saw nothing. Not even a ripple on the surface.


Whatever was in there had probably submerged to avoid detection... (unlike our French submarine... hahaha)

'Don't put your hand in there!' She warned me. She must think I'm used to putting my hand into some place where I couldn't even see what's in it. I'm not about to risk losing my hand nor any of my fingers for that matter.

Later, after we came back from our morning walk, I glanced again into the bucket and saw this 'handsome prince wannabe' enjoying a relaxing swim...


  1. Hahaha.... so, what's the number for frogs? Check the 'dictionary'...

  2. bb, I always win... I never gamble. LOL

  3. Dear LC Teh

    A very refreshing post! The other day when I was in KL, my son had a gala time collecting frogs' eggs and catching frogs too! Take care and keep on writing!