Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Team work - Do your job or you're finished.

What do you do with a team member who first starts to hang loose, then he neglects his job, then refuses to carry his part of the team responsibility and eventually proceeds to work against the rest of the team?  Decision: Remove him.  End of story.

I'm talking about the second molar on the right next to a reclining idiot tooth.  They call that 'wisdom tooth but I prefer to give it my own description.  It shows up at the wrong time, at the wrong place and it's never useful.  And sometimes it even cause damage to the one next to it by crowding and shoving.  But this one, I can't blame it because there's quite a gap in between them.  Last I checked they weren't touching each other.  Yet. 

Ok, maybe due to inability to stay clean, it started to attract bacteria and finally infected the one next to it.

Isn't that how things happen when you work in a team?  Sometimes bad guys who quietly work behind the scenes do their damage but they go scot free.

So, this molar, the one I kicked out, raised itself higher than the rest of the teeth and I finally found I couldn't bite anything with my incisors without raising hell (of a pain).

I gave him the marching orders last night.  Next, I better watch the bl**dy reclining idiot...


  1. Yup! My wisdom tooth has just erupted and it is making a bl**dy nuisance too!
    Haven't thought of evicting him out yet...

  2. None of my team members have rebeled yet, thank goodness. So did you get a replacement for the one removed?

  3. I do it 'typical China-man' style... Distribute his jobs to nearby colleagues and make do for now. In fact since he started lagging, his duties were already redistributed automatically. Anyway this unit being matured & established, runs efficiently. We'll get by without any replacements. Truth be told, his colleagues heaved a sigh of relief and happily resumed work once he was removed although we had to spend a few rough hours cleaning up the bloody mess he left behind. heheh...

  4. Oh yes, finally.
    I have to watch this gang very carefully from now on. That includes the idiot reclining at the far corner who does no work. (I name him 'Wally' of Dilbert cartoon, the guy who does no work but just hangs around all day with his coffee mug). Since there's no more 'scapegoat' for him to hide behind, he won't get off easy. I'll make sure he stays clean.