Monday, November 3, 2008

...And this too shall pass

It was an unbearable year

before you came into our life

when I made the most critical

of all decisions

I threw away the rice bowl

that nurtured us for a while

for the vessel had been defiled

and the contents had turned putrid

and threatened our existence


Thinking I could find another

I treaded home

only to find many others

had no rice bowls

or just empty ones

and struggling to fill them


I was dejected


Down at the bottom looking up

the sky was unreachable

and footholds were worn

and slippery


until a friend lent a hand


Down at the bottom

I had nowhere else to go

the only way to go was up

but I realized too

that this too shall pass



  1. For me, there is a practical side to knowing that things will come to pass. I don't get overly down when things are down or get recklessly excited when things are up. I think there's a benefit in trying to keep a subjective and open mind at all times. Frankly it scares the bejeezus out of those who tell me that living life to the fullest is to go with the flow. And that includes allowing yourself to be swept away by the extremes, which is why I am not the most popular guy at parties.

  2. neither was I...
    In the best of times, "how long will this last?" In the worst of times; same question....

  3. as for me, i jus doggedly persevere n hope the good times will come eventually. we all dont have the luxury of lying back n wait for the good times to roll.