Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Good Boss Should

As a boss, you can keep everybody in
your team at arm's length, you can be assertive and tough, you can even
sometimes get rough (to a limit).  You have to show yourself as fair
and square.  You can't afford to play favorites.  You don't need
to be buddy buddy with anybody.  But as soon as the wolves (from other
depts or from upper levels) bare their fangs at anyone without justification,
that's when your standing makes or breaks.  The rank and file will
then judge you from there.  You should defend them like you would
your own kid brothers or sisters.  If you're one who value your own
ass more than theirs' you can kiss your reputation goodbye.  No amount
of bonding will keep them holding your behind if it stinks.  That's
my verdict.

So, what's your idea of a good boss?



  1. Not easy to become a good boss! If you can get a good worker then they will appreciate it otherwise you will feel hurt at last. That what I learn from my pass experience.

  2. thru all my years, I only had one who measured close to that. and I consider myself lucky...

  3. Sounds like you got a few crocs in your office :) I think a good boss does whatever it takes to get his people to deliver. How he does it is a matter of personal style. Its a means to an end which can be as diverse as the variety of personalities in the department. Ultimately scoring goals is what matters and if that's achieved, then I'd say he is a good boss. (I am speaking as a company owner of course).

  4. well, as damientanwl says, everyone has a personal style, but i feel that what you have mentioned is the best way to go if one starts out. That shld be a rough guideline. Work and play are two seperate matters and it should be divided. when work needs to be done, a good boss makes sure it gets done.

  5. we have had more than a few...
    well, in a multinational the stakes are high and they play to win. we never expect anyone to come in with kid gloves. those who did soon disappeared.

  6. You can whip a guy to work or you can 'motivate' him. I prefer the soft approach. It's less destructive. You can't use the whip nowadays anyway. I have some personal examples on that.