Friday, September 15, 2006

Go, take a nap...

Go ahead.  Take a nap after your lunch.  Sir Winston Churchill used to do it.  Mexicans do it and even have a name for it.  They call it Siesta.  Now the Japs are trying to adopt it.  Yeah, Japan.  A nation of workaholics who even have a word for dying of overwork!  They must be wisening up.  No sense working your ass off for nothing.  No, I don’t mean that actually.  What I mean is you need to take a break and recover your lost energy.  By afternoon, most of us have probably used up most of our positive charge.


And I’ve been practicing it for years too.  Instead of rushing outside for a “better’ lunch, I have a quick & easy one in our cafeteria.  Well, I‘m ok.  I watch my waistline pretty closely.  Not too choosy about food either.  Eat almost anything except (owing to religious obligations), beef.  Then head back to my work desk, read some blogs, write some comments, plug ear-phone into ear, turn on mediaplayer for some guitar music and head off to forty winks with head on makeshift pillow consisting of McMaster-Carr catalogue with a sponge and a folded smock on top to be comfortable.  Thank the office designers for cubicles.  They do offer some sort of privacy for such ocassions.


It doesn’t last very long though.  A group of chatterbox ladies would saunter back to the next cubicle after their lunch and start their daily exchanges of what goes on in their lives.  But by then I’d have my 15 minutes of shut-down for recharge.  It actually gives me an advantage.  I‘d manage to sit out the most boring of afternoon meetings and wear out even guys ten years younger, without nodding off or yawning or begging someone for a stick of chewing gum to stay awake. 


So much for a little recharge at so little cost to the company, would you say?


  1. yups, we all need a re-charge more than once a day! :)

  2. Hiya. Your post made me laugh. I'm quite a bit older than you & have never taken a nap in my life. Neither feel the urge nor the need. 6 to 8 hours of nocturnal shutdown seem to do me fine :-) Margaret Thatcher managed on 3-4 hours of shut-eye a night without 40 winks during the AM. They obviously don't build the newer models like they did the older ones

  3. 'power nap' works wonders! i'm beginning to do this rather than going shopping after lunch :P I am also aiming to eat healthy thus bringing my own lunch to work (which is very common here) and would take a nap of 15 mins afterwards...but in the winter, i like going for a walk in the skyways (sheltered & heated path joining buildings in downtown Minneapolis) which also helps in boosting the energy level when the body so want to be dormant due to the cold weather.

  4. I guess naps or sleep patents are a matter of personal bodily requirements. To each, his/her own... Whatever works.