Sunday, August 20, 2006

For ChiaYee


For you the world - your oyster

But for you girl - the torch

So bear it with pride

And hold it with your passion

Venture forth and make your mark

For yourself and for humanity*


Go boldly

Leave your footsteps in the sands

But tread lightly now

That you shall walk far

Lest you stir the antagonists

And manipulators of your willingness

To put your shoulder to the plough


Be not afraid, girl

To explore your dreams

To the ends of the rainbow

Let the passions be nurtured

And blossom

Be steadfast in your convictions

Though there may be times

You may have to take the road less traveled

And let go of the shackles of tradition


We who nurtured you from the cradle

Reluctantly, hesitantly

Have to let go

The strings that bind us forever


For you girl,


The sky is the limit 



*in the words of Pro-chancellor Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Lin See-Yan -18 August, 2006


  1. thanks, papa..i'll always be myself, and be strong to acheive my dreams...

  2. mmm .... lucky u have a papa like him go go go ....

  3. congratulation..chia yee.. happy for you toO!

  4. hey..... congratulations..... glad to see another graduates in the family.... hhaaha... makes me anxious for my own graduation ceremony for my bachelor's degree... hehehe but have to wait till next year april..... anyway.... just hope all the best to you and good luck in finding your new job.... may all the luck be with you

    p.s: thats a very pretty and meaningful poem your dad wrote for you... be proud to uphold it... i know i'll be if my dad can write that for me.... but my dad is not much of words person... he's more of actions person....

    so happy for you

  5. haha.. daddy of chiayee.. haha...
    how sweet n nice of u to write such touchful poet to lovely girl.. ha...
    congrats .. to all graduates.. haha... world outside.. ha ..can be harmful or beautiful.. haha....

  6. haha..that's what dads are for rite? always try our best for our kids, even when they've grown up...