Monday, November 21, 2005

Tropical Afternoon


Lazy afternoon

Gentle puffs of balmy breeze

Stirring the rustle of crispy dry leaves

Scattering, rolling across pavement

Sparrows merrily gossiping with mynahs

Pigeons cooing at each other about lunch

And wind chimes tinkling

The minutes

Counting it away

Like the shopkeeper

Flicking beads on his abacus


Giving way

To sudden dust laden gusts

And rolling dark clouds

Droplets on the hot tarmac

Sizzle into little spurts of steam

Twirling crispy dry leaves

Into miniature whirlwinds

Chased off unceremoniously

By a sweeping downpour

That lasts but a mere minute

And leave us sweating again

On the humid five-foot-way


Wondering whether to move on

Or stay

To while out the rest of the day

Watching the foamy rivulets flowing by

Along the roadside gullet

And the steam rising

From the road surface

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