Monday, August 29, 2005

Political Awareness

Much as I dislike being drawn into making statements on politics, I found myself with no choice but to stick my neck into it, even though my neck just recently went back into its former nagging self of reminding me not to exert any stress on it.  It must have been when I 'volunteered' to help a relative drill some holes into an overhang of a porch to hang some shades.  I made the error of trying to drill into a concrete beam.  Man that was tough.  Unfortunately the resultant vibrations probably transmitted up my arm along the nerve which is touching the prolapsed disc, causing an inflammation again.  That was made worse when I carried some 10 kgs of durians from one end of the pasar malam to another.  OMG I've become such a weakling.  Probably I'll have to endure another long 6 months (as one doctor told me the last time) of nagging pain in the neck and tingling in right arm. 


Back to the politics, I found myself the last few days lending my voice to defend some commenters and the Sreenshots blogger himself when some other commenters went a little too critical of the blogger's objectives.  For details see: echo_chamber


We are talking about major changes here, and we have to understand that there is not much any single person or group can do, but whatever can be achieved is done through the concerted effort of everyone.  We have our differences of opinions, but definitely we need to agree that it has to be achieved without blood and bombs.

And then there is also the 48 year old race issue which Malaysians have carried as a painful and embarrassing baggage, which we think that our ruling party tries to keep afloat just as a reminder that their party is the only answer to National Unity and Progress.  We have now to start thinking if this is really so.  Most of us have our doubts.  See this: Race_policy

I have hi-lighted all these here just to keep you guys reminded you will soon be joining those going to the polls to decide who will form the next government or opposition.  Perhaps we already know who will still be in the government, but will it do this country any good if this government always holds the extreme majority?  We all know that anything in extremity is usually not good in the long run.  It is pretty unhealthy for a democratic country.


Well, I leave it to you to think about this.  I have no love for politics, but I need to keep my finger on the pulse of this country just like every good citizen.  And I also think I cannot just keep quiet and remain part of the Silent Majority while our system is constantly being abused.  At the same time I have to be careful with my statements so that they don't come out as racial or seditious.  Sticking out my neck is a risk but I have my concerns about your future.  The time will come when you have to do your part for the country and for the next generation.  I'm trying to raise your awareness to all these things.  The real learning of and from life has just begun.  Many things may not be what they seem to be.


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