Thursday, March 10, 2005

Lose weight Wisely - Don't do it in a Hurry

For those who are battling the bulge, here's the trick to diet intelligently. Don't go skipping meals or starving yourself lembeh, or laying off any of your favorite foods until you go crazy craving for it. The motto is to eat when you're hungry, stop before you're full.

The 2 main points are Exercise and Diet. Just exercise regularly and portion your food before you eat it. Otherwise, because you worked up a good appetite after your exercise, you tend to stuff yourself full, and end up gaining more weight afterwards instead of reducing it. It's just one of those built-in responses in our systems(or are we brought up that way?) to eat until we feel full. Shouldn't do that anymore if you're keen to control your weight.

I once dropped 2kgs in 10 days during a stretch of long holidays. Hooked up my punching bag and worked at it for 30 minutes in the morning, and went for my regular one hour hike up a nearby hill in the late afternoon. In between, I kept my regular meals and tea-breaks with portions controlled to about 75% of my regular intakes. Of course I can't expect everybody to go hit a punching bag. You can skip rope, jog, or lift weights, play tennis, whichever suits you. The idea is to work up a good sweat and give that heart a real workout.

Word of caution though; if you have gastric problems don't try to lose 2kgs in such a short time. You may regret it.

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