Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The lesson from May 13

Whatever happened on May 13 was the result of too vigorous boat rocking by all parties concerned. It did put a scare on us all. "The boat" could have capsized and drowned everybody if not for strong leadership and eventually some level-headedness among the parties involved.

Sure, every one of us wants something for ourselves. Our grandparents left whatever little they had behind them, braved the high seas hoping for a better life for themselves and their descendents. They survived the hard work, the Japanese occupation, the Emergency and after they'd seen May 13, they willingly voted for those who were ready to sit at the negotiating table. They'd seen that armed struggle did not produce anything but worse conditions. In the end there'd be nothing left for anyone. We could fight off each other for what's left of the cake or we could work together to make more cakes. The ISA has nothing to do with that mindset. But it did help keep those who think otherwise in line.

The NEP is not a law. It's a compromise. Call it "acceptable discrimination". But as with any compromise, it's open to abuse. That's when it begins to hurt, not just individuals, but national progress. Our previous leadership with foresight has already planned for its eventual end. But it's up to us to keep reminding our current leadership to ensure that those who implement it uphold the rules and stop its abuse. Failure to act now would push us further from its maturity, and our maturity as a nation. Together, we base on each other's strength to face the world or get screwed up. Those who intend to depend on it as a crutch, or for personal benefit, will keep finding excuses for it to be prolonged.

I believe no community will get stronger if it depends on protection all the time. In face of globalization, each one must pull its own weight but work as a team. Otherwise we go down together.


  1. Very very true... I hope those who have read this, support it and understand the article and of course, start moving towards the future..

    I would like to highlight this... OTHERWISE WE GO DOWN TOGETHER (meaning everyone ...)

  2. May 13 is a good lesson for all Malaysians, a reminder that "United We Stand, Divided We Fall"